Distance is what you get each time….

Ahh… Didn’t expected it that first one would be this sort of….

Well doesn’t it feels good to give love share memories specially with those whom you want in your life forever but forever doesn’t always means to be life partner or else , it could be best buddies.

You try to give all you can with all your efforts just to see that particular happy and not struggling in life you take all their sorrows and fill their heart with joy not even letting them know that you yourself was even upset or you even had bigger problems to deal with. But whenever that person needed someone you were always there and the best part is that u didn’t wanted any of it from that side to be done towards you what you wanted was just to see the one happy and a bit of love and affectionate towards yourself which apparently you got.

Time passed away slowly with not a single change in your attention towards that person but what you notice is that there was a severe change , you first thought might be due to exam pressure (yeah guyss we do study too….) . Well that slot of time also went away but the change became more than it was before.. you insisted to tell what has happened…after lot of efforts​ you get a reply..

I need distance…..